Struggling to understand what methods are working best for your conversion rate? A/B testing is a simple yet effective way to run two versions of a campaign in parallel, whether this a newsletter or a website page, and see which version delivers the best results. This could be changing something as simple as the colour of a ?book now? button, subtle wording or your postage costs. With one version reaching 50% of your audience and the other version reaching the other 50%, it is an ideal way of understanding their behaviour and will have a huge impact on your website success. ?

A/B testing is a brilliant way of increasing conversion rates. You?ll know what?s enticing customers to purchase and continue to create content that will achieve this. Once you have found a campaign that works for your business and that is converting, begin A/B testing this version to increase conversions even further. There are always ways to achieve more success and why make assumptions when A/B tests prove results.

If you follow the Fruitful Marketing methodology, A/B testing will work perfectly:

Let’s do an example using this methodology to explain this further:

Stage 1 – Strategy

What are you trying to achieve? More people signing up to your mailing list, which puts them into an email automation (more on email automation here).

Stage 2 – Implementation

We will create two versions of our website homepage and change one thing, making one variable. We will have version A with a green sign up button and version B with an orange sign up button. We will link the A/B testing to our free Google Analytics software so we can monitor results in the next stage.

Stage 3 – Analysis

After one month we can see that from 2000 website visitors (1000 saw version A and 1000 saw version B) version A had 15 sign-ups and version B had only 8 sign-ups. As a result, we will use version A with the green sign up button for all website visitors moving forward.

Hopefully, this explains the process well but please do call 01256 806333 or email info@fruitfulmarketing.co.uk if you have any questions and would like this effective part of marketing explained further.

With so much investment and effort going into driving visitors to your website, we cannot recommend using A/B testing enough to ensure maximise your conversion opportunities.

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