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We are proud to offer AdSmart from Sky, as part of our highly targetted digital marketing service.

At Fruitful Marketing, we believe in putting you and your brand in front of your target audience via every means possible. AdSmart from Sky is an incredibly intuitive system that allows you to do just that.


If we are honest, we all love the thought of our company featuring on TV, don’t we?

However, most Marketing Directors and Marketing Managers are not considering TV Advertising as part of their marketing mix. This is changing due to the high levels of targeting, large reach and affordable options available. We answer some of the frequent misconceptions we encounter below, demonstrating why TV advertising is becoming so popular with local and national marketing:

  • “TV advertising requires a six-figure marketing budget, we can’t afford that.”
    Actually, with AdSmart from Sky, campaigns start from just £3,000, yes £3,000 for TV advertising campaigns! Your adverts feature when your target audience is watching, meaning they will deliver at the right time, every time.
  • “We can’t afford to advertise in the primetime slots.”
    AdSmart from Sky campaigns are based on your target audience criteria, not the channel or programme you advertise on. Advertisers buy impressions which are served when the specific audience is watching, so no need to commit to a time band or specific channel as Adsmart from Sky will deliver your advert at the right time, every time.
  • “What about people who don’t have Sky TV? How many homes could I reach as part of a Sky campaign?”
    This will depend on a number of different variables around which audiences you are trying to reach and in which locations. With Adsmart being able to access both Sky and Virgin Media households – Adsmart’s reach is now over 40% of all UK homes.
  • “What about viewers who fast-forward through my commercial, I don’t want to pay for that…”
    You don’t have to! You will only be charged should the viewer watch the advert at normal speed and where they see at least 75% of the content of the advert! Although Live TV now faces more competition from other on demand platforms, Live TV is still the most watched way to view television by some considerable distance too. Of course, it’s possible some of your audience might record a programme and come back to it a few days later – again, if they fast forward through the ad break where your advert is situated, there is no charge to you as an advertiser.
  • “TV advertising isn’t very targeted.”
    Sky has a number of 3rd party data providers such as Experian, Mastercard, Boots, 20Ci, Game and others which provide some really insightful data which allows us to pinpoint your target market. We cross-reference that data with data Sky holds to build an audience based on who you are trying to reach. This is the future of TV Advertising and with packages starting from just £3000 – it’s never been so accessible to SME’s

Here are just some of the targeting opportunities:

  • Geographic 
    by region, postcode, local authority or Geo-flex targeting
  • Affluence 
    Likely spending power based on income and other factors
  • Age of Baby & Kids 
    Target households with a baby or children residing (split into 9 age groups)
  • Beauty 
    Beauty products purchased via Boots Advantage card
  • Early Tech Adapters 
    Households that are likely to be early adopters of new technologies
  • Financial Strategy 
    Reflects how consumers interact with financial service providers
  • Affluence 
    Likely spending power based on income and other factors
  • Home Movers 
    Target households that have recently moved or intend to soon
  • Household Composition 
    Choose households based on gender and age categories
  • Senior Decision Maker 
    Where a company owner or director of a limited company or PLC has been identified
  • Lifestage 
    Age of head of household combined with mix of people residing
  • Mosaic Types 
    AdSmart from Sky offers the Experian Mosaic attributes
  • Second Mortgage 
    Households that are likely to have a second mortgage or second property
  • Car Ownership 
    Identifies the types of cars owned by a household
  • Pet Ownership 
    Identifies households that have a cat, dog or both
  • Home Ownership
    Identifies whether a property is owner-occupied or not

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