Outsourced Marketing

We travel the path less trodden and go the extra mile, leaving you to enjoy a smooth ride on the back of our marketing.

Outsourced Marketing Department / Marketing Manager

The marketing department of your business plays a central role in promoting your business, generating qualified leads and increasing sales. Some businesses prefer to outsource the role of a marketing manager or marketing department due to flexibility and stability.

Many businesses prefer the stability of an outsourced marketing department or marketing manager. As marketing plays such a crucial part to the growth and survival of successful businesses, the disruption of an internal marketing manager leaving can have a devastating impact whilst a high quality replacement is being sourced. The downturn in leads can drastically impact sales and profits.

potentially cheaper than internal recruitment
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Why outsource to Fruitful Marketing?

Fruitful Marketing is one of Hampshire’s leading Digital Marketing agencies. We have been established since 2015 and built a fine, unbeatable reputation based on our high levels of customer service, honest approach and record of success. We are at the forefront of the ever changing world of digital marketing and can therefore ensure our clients are too. Benefits of outsourcing include:

  • Here to stay – Fruitful Marketing® is a trademarked brand and we are here to stay. You can always rely on us to be ready to deliver.
  • We are always available, covering as a team for holiday and sickness.
  • Range of industries – We work with a wide range of industries allowing us to apply techniques that work, not being led by your competitor activity.
  • Flexibility
  • Cost efficient
  • Additional resources

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cost efficient outsourced marketing

Cost efficient

No recruitment costs, office, pension or training costs and lower cost than average UK Marketing Manager salary in London – £66,928 (source Reed.co.uk).

flexibility outsourced marketing


You can switch us on and off as required, unlike permanent employees, and with no management required.

no tunnel vision outsourced marketing

No tunnel vision

In-house marketing staff can sometimes become ‘tunnel visioned’ within their sector and brand.

As external support, we can remain objective and focused only on our marketing goals.

additional help

Additional resources

Fruitful Marketing® work alongside and can call upon a number of approved suppliers, specialising in each area of marketing.

Outsourcing your marketing is

more flexible than internal recruitment
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holiday / sickness pay and recruitment costs
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we consider them as part of our team

We are very happy with the services we get from Fruitful, it really gives us the freedom to concentrate on other projects

We have worked with James and Fruitful for over 6 years as our outsourced marketing department. We trust them to come up with new ideas, nurture our website and on-going developments with it, provide SEO, management of databases, monthly newsletters, Social Media assistance and other marketing tasks. We like that Fruitful is flexible and comes to the office on a regular basis. They give honest and constructive feedback, which is effective and time saving. Fruitful also make a real effort in educating themselves about our industry, assisting us further in regards to Google Adwords etc.

Trine Oestergaard-Stafford, MD House of Fisher

Fruitful Marketing are now AdvantEdge Agency


AdvantEdge Combines The Strategic and Digital Marketing Skills of Fruitful Marketing with the Dynamic Design and Website Development of Caboodle Design. You can now tap into a bigger team and additional services. The New AdvantEdge Website is under development so for now please view Our Services And Case Studies which all still apply, as do contact details.