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Social Media Marketing with a difference

There are two guarantees with social media. Firstly, that some of your target audience will be using at least one social media platform. Secondly, a significant percentage of small and SME businesses use social media ineffectively or in a way that adversely portrays their brand as it is not planned or prioritised.

The mindset that most social media platforms offer free business listings and postings can often lead to social media marketing not being given the correct level of attention and therefore not achieving the correct results. Your social media should never be an afterthought or separate from your marketing, rather an extension of it. Investing with Fruitful can refocus your social media marketing, promote your brand correctly and generate leads to your business.

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Social Media Platforms for your audience

Fruitful recommends focusing on less social media platforms but marketing on them correctly. Spreading your social media resource across too many platforms can have an adverse effect.

Initially, we must understand your target audience and find out where they are online. For instance, LinkedIn is the leading B2B social media platform in the UK whereas Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok may be more preferable as a focus for B2C audiences.


Integration into your marketing strategy

Fruitful creates a marketing strategy for your social media as part of your overall digital marketing strategy. This focuses on landing pages, CTAs, developing trust with your audience, engagement and much, much more.



Creation of professional templates, in the correct formats and sizes for each social media platform are an excellent foundation for consistent branding when posting and our first starting point.

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Paid Social Media

Fruitful specialise in paid social media advertising across platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

There are huge opportunities to service adverts to a highly targeted audience as part of a larger marketing strategy. This includes image/video adverts, whitepapers, polls, sign up forms, remarketing and retargeting.

Our social media campaigns are achieving a

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vicky jarman mackenzie smith

I started engaging with James at Fruitful Marketing following a seminar he was hosting regarding Online Marketing.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend James – he would surely be an asset to your marketing, in whatever capacity.

I found the seminar to be really useful, the content diverse and thought provoking. Following this, James has supported our Social Media marketing for a year or so, providing helpful updates, consistent posts and reporting and that much needed helpline if in doubt.

Vicky Jarman, Marketing Manager, Mackenzie Smith

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AdvantEdge Combines The Strategic and Digital Marketing Skills of Fruitful Marketing with the Dynamic Design and Website Development of Caboodle Design. You can now tap into a bigger team and additional services. The New AdvantEdge Website is under development so for now please view Our Services And Case Studies which all still apply, as do contact details.