project details

With a dated brand, the need to complete their website relaunch and a lack of marketing direction, Reade Signs called upon the services of the experts from Fruitful Marketing

The Result

Working with the Directors and Marketing Coordinator, James helped Reade Signs with a complete company rebrand. Assisting with the new logo design and website from an outside agency, Fruitful Marketing provided all of the search engine marketing to maximise the exposure of the website and a full set of brand guidelines for companywide consistency across all marketing material.

With a new brand in place, James created a detailed marketing plan and strategy document including sections on:

  • Marketing research
  • Brand development
  • Customer experience
  • Competitor analysis
  • Retention marketing
  • Upsell opportunities
  • Social media plan
  • SWOT analysis

As a result, many of the recommendations are being implemented and Reade Signs is experiencing significant growth.

additional info

Client: Reade Signs

Services: Marketing Strategy, Consulting

Website: www.readesigns.com

Date: January 2016 Onwards

client comments

Honest, enthusiastic and knowledgeable

James has played a pivotal and fundamental role in all aspects of our Marketing. Assisting the business as it launched a new comprehensive and detailed website, and underwent a large scale rebrand, James’ understanding of our business, and his honest, enthusiastic and knowledgeable approach has been crucial in the success of reaching important targets, making the right decisions and ensuring the business maximises its potential by creating a thorough marketing strategy and providing us with a strong set of brand guidelines. We are thrilled to have James working closely alongside Reade Signs as we evolve and expand. – Kirsty Charlton, Marketing Co-Ordinator at Reade Signs

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