project details

Ascot Timber wanted to increase their sales conversion rate, create a consistent customer experience, use automation to assist inbound enquiries and start using inbound marketing to generate new, targeted leads

The Result

We initially created a clear sales funnel and customer experience journey for the entire sales team to follow. Fruitful Marketing then sourced a CRM solution that would integrate with their other systems, easily capture new enquiry data and allow us to build customer workflows and automations, significantly increasing productivity by removing manual tasks for the team. Once we launched our inbound marketing and new automated systems, inbound enquiries via email and phone increased significantly, as well as the conversion rate of these leads. Within one month Ascot Timber won an ordering totalling over £60k as a direct result, providing a huge ROI in a short period of time. Ascot Timber continue to experience positive results every month.

additional info

Client: Ascot Buildings

Services: Email Automation, CRM Implementation, Lead Generation

Website: www.Ascot-buildings.co.uk

Date: September 2015 Onwards

client comments

Enquiries increased significantly and beyond our expectations

In a short period of time, James was able to revolutionise our sales process. Within days of implementation the phone and email enquiries increased significantly and beyond our expectations, it certainly works! The level of professionalism and experience showed by Fruitful Marketing was exemplary throughout and the new process will pay for itself several times over, very quickly. – Richard Parker, Ascot Timber Managing Director

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