Join Fruitful Marketing to see how you can reach your ideal audience & boost your business with affordable, targeted TV campaigns on Sky.

For years, many businesses have thought that TV advertising has been out of their reach due to its mass appeal and associated costs. AdSmart is turning that thinking on its head – making TV relevant and affordable for businesses across the UK.

Investing one-hour into our webinar will open your eyes to new possibilities and could be the most worthwhile hour you invest in 2020. Here is the format:

11:00 to 11:05 – Intro to webinar

11:05 to 11:20 – Vincenzo Di Matteo, AdSmart from Sky

  • Why use TV to help your business?
  • Why TV is the most effective form of advertising there is.
  • How TV advertising can reach over 40% of the UK population.
  • Only in front of your target audience. How advertisers are able to target their potential customers using a variety of different marketing segments such as, age, affluence levels, location and even things like pet ownership.
  • Examples of successful local campaigns.

11:20 to 11:35 – Michael Man, co-founder of award-winning ManMade Group

  • The power of video has already stormed the globe, whether for social media advertising or for TV.
  • But as we start to continue forward, as uncertain times lie ahead; storytelling has become the most powerful tool of any marketing campaign.
  • With production at a more accessible rate, what is the best type of story to tell and how does emotion play a part?
  • Michael will look to cover these areas alongside how TV advertising can work for B2B organisations.

11:35 to 11:50 – James Wright, shortlisted for 2018 & 2019 Thames Valley Entrepreneur of the Year & founder of the award-winning digital marketing agency Fruitful Marketing

  • How TV advertising generates leads, creates initial desire and brand awareness.
  • Creating a full digital marketing campaign.
  • How to reengage with leads, keeping your brand in their minds and remaining in front of them online until they purchase.
  • Proven digital marketing methods to increase ROI and conversion rates.

11:50 to 12:00 – Attendee only exclusive announced, followed by Q&A


James Wright | Inbound Marketing & Automation Specialist

James is a CIM Certified Marketing professional who after a 10-year marketing career heading up the marketing departments for some of Europe’s largest companies in steel office furniture, art materials and corporate workwear, founded Fruitful Marketing in 2015. With a focus of remaining at the forefront of the ever-evolving Digital Marketing arena and creating ROI for clients, his company was awarded one of the Top 3 Marketing Agencies in Basingstoke in both 2019 and 2020, aided by 40 x 5-star reviews on Google. James is a respected keynote speaker in Digital Marketing and is hugely passionate about sharing his knowledge and successful techniques with others.

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Date: 08.10.2020

Time: 11:00 – 12:00

Location: Online Classroom Webinar

Price: £FOC (ex VAT)

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