When people contact you for the very first time they have already made 57% of the decision about whether to buy from you*

Ever gone away somewhere new and simply jumped in the car, started to drive and hoped for the best? Your answer is probably no. You would map out your route, make sure you had reliable directions and potentially plan a stop off break if it was a long journey.

The same applies to marketing. Should you simply use every marketing tool and platform out there because everyone else does, ‘doing marketing for the sake of it’?

Again, the answer is no. It is essential to have a strategy in place to identify who your target market is and define clear, achievable objectives to give you direction. That way you can begin to understand the most effective tools to reach that target audience and create relevant marketing campaigns to help you achieve success.

Our job is to develop a strong strategy that will allow you to set realistic objectives, grasp who your target market is and create effective marketing campaigns as a result. This will importantly enhance your brand to make every customer touch point work.

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*The Challenger Customer, launched in 2015 written following extensive research by CEB (a large American research company)

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