When people contact you for the very first time they have already made 57% of the decision about whether to buy from you*

Fruitful MarketingⓇ Methodology 

James works with SMEs who are service driven to make every element and touch point of the customer journey reflective of their high-quality offering. His work enhances company brands and makes every component of the marketing perform. By following this constant cycle of strategy, implementation and analysis, his clients are always able to track their success and therefore find ways to continuously improve.


‘A brand is every touch point in the consumer experience’

  • In-depth competitor research – full evaluation of current brand, messaging and voice throughout all customer touch points, as well as a detailed analysis of competitors in order to identify positioning in the market.
  • Repositioning of the brand – creation of a new brand identity with the company’s vision and values along with an integration, strategy and implementation plan for the new brand throughout the organisation to raise awareness.
  • Internal and external rollout – creation of an internal rollout plan with internal training throughout departments to demonstrate brand importance and achieve complete staff ‘buy-in’.
  • Continuous support with the creation of a 12-month marketing plan to implement new branding throughout (digital, physical and verbal).

Marketing plan 

‘A goal without a plan is just a wish’**

  • Creation and implementation of a cost-effective, 12-month marketing plan to achieve your business growth goals across a range of platforms and marketing channels.
  • Linking your marketing plan to growth, targets, sales and profits to analyse the effectiveness of the implementation.
  • Constantly reviewing your marketing plan, evolving or adapting it in line with progress made and patterns found.

CRM consulting and implementation

‘Nurturing leads into sales’

Implementing a customer relationship management system allows you to have a clearer understanding of existing and potential customers by maintaining a central base for their data. It is essential for improving productivity, customer communications and conversions. Through a number of stages, James ensures such success by…

  • Understanding the current processes and customer journeys within the organisation.
  • Researching and producing full briefs to find the best CRM systems that match your requirements.
  • Developing a bespoke sales pipeline by customising the fields, settings and reports to further match these requirements.
  • Employees are trained on a group and individual basis with ongoing support from James, including a full review one month after the CRM delivery.

Lead generation

‘If you are not taking care of your customer, your competitor will’***

Exactly…if you are not maintaining the interest of your customers then it is likely they will look elsewhere. With so many ways in which customers can access your organisation, it is important to utilise and understand such methods in order to generate leads. James recognises this importance and applies successful, relevant techniques to increase clients’ brand awareness on platforms, such as LinkedIn, as well as producing engaging content that will add value and build trust with existing and potential customers.

See James’ 9 steps to LinkedIn success guide.

*The Challenger Customer, launched in 2015 written following extensive research by CEB (a large American research company)
**Antoine de Saint-Exupery
***Bob Hooey

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