Are you aware of the new LinkedIn feature, Reactions?

How often do you ?like? posts on LinkedIn? For most, it is automatic to hit the ?like? button on a post we are interested in or find useful. This is a way of showing the individual that we have read and engaged positively with it.

However, LinkedIn has now introduced a new ?Reactions? feature which allows you to express your emotions more in response to content you see on your news feed. This makes it easier for connections to communicate with each other, as a simple ?like? may not truly demonstrate how you feel about a post. The new feature includes the buttons ?like?, ?celebrate?, ?love?, ?insightful? and ?curious?.

The ?celebrate? button can be used to congratulate someone if they have achieved something or been offered a job, for example. It can be much more meaningful than simply ?liking? something of this context. The ?love? button might show greater support and passion towards the individual, likely for circumstances where you have a closer relationship with someone or generally if you love a point being made! The ?insightful? button will help you to communicate that you recognise an excellent idea or insights that have been provided, whereas the ?curious? button allows you to demonstrate that you are keen to educate yourself further on the topic.

Individuals posting can also better understand feedback on their content, whether it is successful or not and if people are potentially wanting to find out more. The feature allows us to express clearly to our connections which will assist in developing stronger relationships. The research LinkedIn has carried out to evolve this feature has been surprisingly extensive, to ensure these reactions are the most valuable and relatable. ?

LinkedIn is currently rolling this out which will be available to all members in the coming months, so make sure you look out for this new feature! If you want any further advice on LinkedIn, please feel free to contact us on 01256 806333 or email info@fruitfulmarketing.co.uk.

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