The fifth principle in relation to the secret psychology of persuasion is ‘liking’. We like to business with people we like.

This may seem obvious but it isn’t always at the forefront of people’s minds. Life is short and both personally and in business, we are inclined to reach out and deal with people we like. There are always exceptions to the rule, such as when we stayed in Devon during the summer holidays and found the local fishmonger was not a ‘people person’ and even quite obnoxious at times! However, their prices were competitive and they were selling high quality daily catches, meaning they had a captive audience and people would look past these faults for the end product. Their business model could definitely be improved using this principle and we have met many other friendly fishmongers on our travels, all of whom we were more inclined to return and support.

If we are able to form a strong relationship with our prospects and customers, we will see increased repeat business and referrals, fundamentals for most businesses.

What are some of the methods we can use to apple this into our businesses?

  • Demonstrating a genuine interest in those we deal with and asking questions relating to their personal interests
  • Using Social Media to research customers interest and finding a common ground
  • Utalising CRM (Customer Relationship Management Systems) to record customer details and ensure a consistent experience throughout your team.

To elaborate more on some of the points above, note the word genuine! Being false is never going to pay off long term and I know how disappointed I become when I see through someone. Social Media provides an incredible opportunity to learn so much more about our customers and prospects. You are likely to have a common ground whether it be education, family, pets, sports or hobbies. Focusing on one of these common grounds is a surefire way to build a quick and strong rapport.

The other huge step Fruitful Marketing took was to implement a CRM system (we opted for ActiveCampaign). Previously the ongoing burden of following up sales opportunities, keeping in contact with leads and developing relationships was straining and many fell through the gaps amongst our other activities such as client project delivery. Once we moved across to a central CRM system and incorporated the power of email automation, our conversion rates and customer communications significantly improved. It was one of the most important decisions we have taken and can thoroughly recommend to any other business not utilising CRM systems currently.

CRM integration is one of the services Fruitful Marketing offer. We are not affiliated with any individual CRM system, allowing us to take your unique business requirements to market and provide unbiased the best solution for your business, before fully integrating into your systems and training your team. Our client Ascot Timber secured an order totalling over £60k within months as a direct result, providing a staggeringly high ROI (return on investment). Call us on 01256 806333 or email info@fruitfulmarketing.co.uk to find our more.

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