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What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is an alternative approach to lead generation, using content and ad campaigns to draw prospects to you. We then combine with email automation to nurture these leads through your sales funnel automatically. It can either work alongside, or instead of, traditional outbound marketing. The beauty of inbound marketing automation is that once set up and optimised, it brings leads into your business constantly, without you having to lift a finger to generate them.

Do Fruitful Marketing just work with companies based in Hampshire?

Fruitful Marketing is an inbound digital marketing agency based in Basingstoke, Hampshire but we are able to work with clients throughout the UK. Our current portfolio includes companies located in Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, Sussex and London. We believe all businesses should receive the marketing they deserve and with our digital capabilities, we are open to work with businesses located throughout the UK.

What digital marketing services do Fruitful Marketing provide?

Fruitful Marketing provides a range of digital marketing services. Our core services are inbound marketing, email automation and LinkedIn campaigns. Areas included within these campaigns are search engine marketing, landing page creation, social media, social media advertising, Google Ads, and CRM systems integration. We work with a select group of trusted suppliers to deliver a full marketing service when required which includes areas such as website development, videography, branding, brochure creation, graphic design and photography.

Is it expensive to work with Fruitful Marketing?

We are not the cheapest but neither are we the most expensive! Fruitful Marketing focusses on achieving a strong ROI (return on investment) for all of our clients and delivering value. Our principals are strong and this is reflected by the 40+ 5-star Google Reviews, demonstrating how our clients receive value and are highly satisfied by our service. If your budget is limited, we deliver half-day workshops as an alternative approach, allowing you to share the cost of our time and expertise with attendees in the room.

What type of companies do Fruitful Marketing work with?

Fruitful Marketing works with a range of SME businesses. We have a strong presence in property marketing, specifically commercial property, property developers, serviced apartment providers and estate agency but other sectors include electrical retailers, leisure & tourism, manufacturing and construction.

Does James Wright charge for speaking?

Our founder, James Wright is often asked to speak at exhibitions and digital marketing conferences/panels. Topics include Automation, AI, 5G, Digital Marketing and Psychology. Some speaking is charged and others provided freely, please email info@fruitfulmarketing.co.uk initially with speaking details or call us on 01256 806333. Please note James NEVER pays for speaking opportunities, so please do not approach if payment or stand purchase is required for the opportunity of speaking at an event.

What is digital marketing? What does digital marketing mean? What does digital marketing involve?

Digital marketing involves all marketing efforts (promotion of products/brands) through online platforms and channels. These methods allow businesses to analyse and measure campaigns to understand what is working and what isn’t, helping you to increase your return on investment.

How can I benefit from digital marketing?

Communicating with your target audience easier, automating your sales process, automating your marketing, reaching a wider audience, accurately measuring results, increasing your conversion rates and increasing your brand visibility.

What social media platforms should I be using?

Whilst being on every social media platform may sound appealing, in reality carefully selecting the appropriate platform(s) for your target audience and focussing your attention on delivering these well is by far the most successful approach. LinkedIn is by far the standout social media platform for B2B marketing.

How do I contact Fruitful Marketing?

Call 01256 806333 or email info@fruitfulmarketing.co.uk. Please visit our contact page for more information.

Why do I need a marketing strategy? How can having a marketing strategy benefit me/my business?

Having a marketing strategy allows you to define a target market, understand the ways in which you should be communicating with them, understand your competitors and the opportunities that arise in your industry. Digital marketing can be intimidating for many but with a marketing strategy in place, you will know where your customers are based online, and therefore which digital marketing methods you should be using. This is the best way to achieve a strong ROI from your digital marketing and to maximise the opportunities available to you.

Will I receive ongoing support from Fruitful Marketing?

Fruitful Marketing builds strong relationships with clients, providing continuous support wherever necessary. Our aim is to deliver results but ensure that our client’s needs are always met. We work with clients on a project by project basis or as a monthly retainer depending on their requirements. Once you join the ‘Fruitful Family’ we continue supporting you and sharing the latest digital marketing techniques to boost your marketing success.

How much do Fruitful Marketing charge for an initial discussion/meeting?

Our initial consultation is free of charge as we ascertain your requirements and what services can provide the best ROI for you. Please call 01256 806333 or email info@fruitfulmarketing.co.uk to start the process.

What if I already have an in-house marketing team? Do Fruitful Marketing provide support for in-house marketing teams?

Fruitful Marketing work alongside many marketing departments. Our services are quite niche and specialist, beyond what most internal marketing departments will be expected to know and provide. Whilst outsourced we forge strong relationships internally, becoming an extended part of many organisations teams.

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