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Combining creativity with technical expertise we deliver solutions at the forefront of this ever-evolving arena

Fruitful Marketing offers a wide range of Digital Marketing services dependant on your businesses requirements. With so many fantastic tools, programmes and apps at our disposal we work with businesses to increase productivity, tailor marketing and target customers. Combined with an excellent strategy, the possibilities for Digital Marketing and your business are almost endless.


We work with trusted WordPress, Drupal and Magento developers to deliver you fantastic solutions that meet your budget and requirements. A full review of your current website will ensure it is performing at its best and be achieving maximum Conversion Rate Optimisation.

Fruitful Marketing can provide detailed reporting and analysis using Google Analytics, to learn more about your visitors, gain strategic insights and help expand your customer base.

Email Marketing

We fully utilise the email marketing tool of ActiveCampaign both for Fruitful Marketing and our clients. As well as designing and writing eye-catching newsletters and eshots, the Fruitful team use A/B testing to maximise the open rates and results of every campaign.  Inclusive of this service are detailed reports and alerts for your sales teams, showing when recipients open or interact, thus allowing them to follow these hot leads up and convert into sales.

Email Automation

Using ActiveCampaigns powerful automation platform, we integrate online forms onto websites and email campaigns, sending out a series of follow up emails. With the investment in this technology and these processes, it ensures a seamless set of communication and vastly increases productivity for our clients.

Search Engine Optimisation

See our Search Engine Marketing page.

Social Media

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat…to name a few! With so many social media platforms available we can work with you to create a structured social media plan for your business. We understand your requirements and suggest the platforms appropriate for your capacity and business aims from social media, importantly providing guidance that will maintain your brand identity. We also recommend software tools that allow for scheduled posts, significantly increasing your productivity.

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