CRM Implementation

Understanding and analysing your requirements to source the best CRM solution for your business model

Having a CRM system implemented into your business is essential for improving productivity, customer communications and ultimately conversions.

You will have a clearer understanding of existing and potential customers by maintaining a central base for data usually including details, such as leads, deals, contact information and emails with customers.

Not only this, CRM systems enable you to analyse individual sales team performance, for instance breaking down their conversions and sales success rates, as well as seeing past communications with customers. All of this ensures consistency during your sales process.

Fruitful Marketing is known for delivering and implementing excellent CRM systems, tailored to businesses requirements. We will work with your team to understand current processes, create a bespoke CRM system, administer training and provide ongoing support to gain your confidence with your new CRM system.

Outsourcing a project such as this to Fruitful Marketing will significantly benefit your business, as you will start experiencing a number of fantastic results in relation to productivity and conversions.

Stage 1 (understanding):

Fruitful Marketing work with your team to fully understand the current processes and customer journeys.

Stage 2 (sourcing):

We create full briefs, research and investigate all of the leading, most popular and highest reviewed CRM providers. Using dummy replicated data we trial versions and use systems as the client to find the best overall match for their requirements.

Stage 3 (implementation):

Then, we create bespoke sales pipelines, customise the fields, setting, and reports to match the client’s requirements. All of the current client data is integrated and we connect users mailbox accounts for a consistent flow of information.

Stage 4 (delivery):

Group followed by individual training is delivered on the client’s premises to ensure all the team are fully versed in the CRM system and can use it immediately and seamlessly.  

Stage 5 (review and support):

We provide ongoing support for our clients as they gain confidence and experience with their new CRM system. A formal review one month after the delivery allows for further system personalisation to maximise the effectiveness.

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