Our third marketing insights seminar on Wednesday 20th March, continued the success of previous events.

With 25 people attending on the evening, it gave James Wright great joy to share the latest marketing trends for 2019, some quick wins for attendees to implement into their businesses and share our unique three-stage methodology of Strategy > Implementation > Analysis to achieve overall marketing success.

With all attendees filling in feedback forms, it was pleasing to read all learnt something new and found the seminar of benefit. We want to encourage as many businesses, whatever the size, to continuously take action and make marketing improvements, applying what they have learnt to improve their marketing success!

Our guest speaker was Geoff Roy, delivering a thought-provoking presentation on ?How To Get On Google In 2019…And Staying There?. This was extremely eye-opening and gave attendees a look into some simple ways of getting their business seen on Google. Search Engine Marketing can often be thought of as confusing, but Geoff did a fantastic job in providing some insight into the latest techniques and methods being used to help get businesses seen on Google.

With both presentations being thought-provoking, attendees were able to acquire knowledge from industry experts and ask relevant questions about their own experiences and businesses. This was a great opportunity for them to increase their marketing confidence and leave with some valuable information.

Not only this, attendees got to network with a range of like-minded businesses in the room and make some beneficial connections.

The next Fruitful Marketing? seminar is on Wednesday 25th September, 6pm-8pm in Basingstoke, so please register your space for FREE https://bit.ly/2KdiTA7. We look forward to welcoming you then!

Watch this amazing video of our first seminar in September 2018, created by ManMade

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