If you thought video has always been vital, you are correct, but now is the time more than ever to incorporate video marketing into your business. More and more businesses are beginning to understand the power video marketing can have on increasing sales and building trust with customers, why not you too?

So, if you haven?t done so already, spice things up a bit and add video to your marketing strategy. You will not regret it.

Want to know why?

Video can explain a lot in a short amount of time

There is nothing worse than having to read pages and pages of information that you aren?t entirely interested in. This is where video comes into play. Not only can it be visually appealing but video allows consumers to understand your products or services a whole lot easier. By physically demonstrating use, features, benefits etc. your consumers are getting the most important information delivered to them at ease. Often when consuming large quantities of written information people are unable to visualise or understand how a product or service works, whereas video has the ability of bringing it to life.

You can get a lot more content across in a shorter amount of time.

Video increases website traffic

The great thing about video is that it increases visitors exposure on your site, which in turn impresses Google. You may ask, how does that help me? Well, this indicates to Google that your site has excellent content encouraging visitors to stay on your site longer, enabling a higher rank on search engines and therefore improving your search engine optimisation altogether.

If people are watching your videos, it is likely they are spending more time on your site.

Video builds relationships

Consumers are more likely to engage with your business if they get a sense of your brand identity. Video allows you to be more personable with consumers, approach them in a more emotional way and therefore gain trust. You can tell a story about your brand – give consumers a feel for the work you do and how you go about doing it.

All of this makes it easier for you to build long-term relationships with consumers.

Video leads to conversions and sales

Fact – those who watch videos explaining or demonstrating products are more likely to buy them as a result. Consumers feel engaged and connected, which ultimately influences buying behaviour.

Video separates you from others, you are certainly more likely to be remembered.

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