On April 21st 2015, Google made a significant change, called ‘the mobile friendly update’. The results of this meant companies with mobile responsive websites had their search engine results boosted. Great news for companies ready, a potentially costly disaster for those not!

Why have Google moved the goalposts?

While this change may be challenging for many business owners, it is a massive plus for mobile search engine users. Viewing a non-responsive website on a mobile is extremely frustrating and ultimately they don’t work, so why would you want to see them? Google has approximately 88% of the UK search engine market (source, June 2015 and it needs to cement this position by offering the best possible service to its billions of users.

If my site isn’t mobile friendly should I worry?

I’m afraid the answer is yes…

Recent research has suggested mobile and tablet visitors have just overtaken desktop visitors on eCommerce websites. Whilst only approximately 15% of actual sales come from these devices, the decision making and research is being made during this browsing.

If you have google analytics set up on your website you can see the number of visitors that view your website on desktop, tablet and mobile devices to see how significant the impact is.

Is my website mobile friendly?

It’s very easy to check and free of charge, simply click on the link below and enter your website address:

This is a tool provided by Google, so you can be confident the results are 100% correct.

What to do next?

If your website isn’t responsive it is something you should address as a priority. With around 88% percent of all UK searches coming through google (source, June 2015 it is important your website is not penalised and appears as high as it can on the google search results. Speak with your website developer, marketing department or marketing agency so redesign and create a responsive, mobile friendly website.

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