When developing or maintaining a website there are some very important aspects to consider. It is essential that your site ensures an easy user experience, meaning visitors are flowing from one section to another with little to no disruptions. Components such as strong visual elements, clear navigation menus and simple calls to action all assist in providing a quality user experience. When we consider your investment, however, below are some of the key aspects you should be thinking about.

Mobile First Development

Is your website optimised for mobile use? 60% of searches and 72% of purchases are made on a mobile, so if your website hasn?t been developed mobile first then you are potentially missing opportunities to provide the best user experience to your visitors. Therefore, mobile-led developments should be considered as part of your strategy and brief to a developer, given these findings. The buying process needs to be made as easy as possible for your customers, so by providing them with a hassle-free, positive experience, you are more likely to build a trusting relationship with them in which they will shout about it (becoming a brand advocate for your company) to other people. This meaning that navigating around your website on a mobile phone is quick, simple and easy.


When developing a website we highly recommend having this on an open-source platform so that you aren?t locked into one developer. This gives you the freedom to make minor changes without being held to ransom if your developer rises their prices astronomically as you have the ability and power to move elsewhere. At Fruitful Marketing we strongly recommend this as it ensures your investment is fully protected. There are a range of platforms you can use with the most popular being WordPress.

Additionally, having full access to a CMS (content management system) once your website has been developed, enables you to make changes, add new content or edit current content without any additional development costs. CMS systems allow you to make these changes without affecting the structure of your website.

So, no more concerns of ?what will happen to our website if our developer went out of business, raised prices unreasonably or was hit by a bus?!?. An open-source platform will ensure a smooth changeover in this scenario.


Another important element to your website is ensuring you have SSL security certification. If you don?t it is highlighted to customers when entering your website that it isn?t secure (on Google Chrome, a very, if not the most, popular website browser in UK), potentially deterring them from continuing to engage with it. Some internet security packages even display huge warning messages, meaning the user has to override to enter…many won?t!

At Fruitful Marketing we work with website developers who have our clients? requirements and goals in mind, providing advice along the way with what would benefit their business the most. The build and design of their website is therefore focused on achieving the best results possible. If you would like any further advice please call James Wright now on 01256806333 for more information on developing a website suitable for your requirements.

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