If marketing be the food of love, then market we must.?

Love. Resembled by kind gestures, mushiness, a red heart and of course?. Valentines Day, (which is on the 14th February incase you had forgotten!)

We?re spreading the love this week here at Fruitful Marketing, not because we are looking for our lucky valentine but because we love what we do and we love our customers too.

It?s not too late for you to show your customers that you care. Whilst serenading them in their reception area is always a nice touch, it can also be one step too far! Why not try some of these quick tactics.


Tweet or post a message on Facebook to your clients/customers on Valentines Day. Make sure you mention them using the @ symbol so they know who their admirers are.

Hootsuite allows you to plan and schedule this in advance so there is not such a mad rush on the day.

Show your customers you love them

Send a card to that special client/customer. Perhaps you work closely with one individual or there is one customer who works on their own? Do they need a little love to help them through the day? If you just want to make them smile, send it from ? and keep them wondering.

If you have too many people to send to then select your best customers. Investing time and care into your existing customers offers a far greater ROI than an investment into winning new ones.

Show your customers you love them

A good business has a heart. Know someone poorly, elderly, away from home or in need of a little comforting thought? Why not send them a card too? They?ll be overjoyed to know that you cared.

People talk, it?s as simple as that. Even if they didn?t, who cares? You?ve made someone?s day. That is a ROI in itself, nice work!

Show your customers you love them

Do something for charity. Get in the spirit of Valentines and run a raffle, competition, or raise money for a local charity. Spreading the love a little further than a card will be well received.

Be sure to update your website or blog along with your social media with all of your current activities and actions. People love to read about company engagement with the community as well as their customers. You are human after all!

Show your customers you love them

Offer a free gift (chocolate/rose) with every purchase made on Valentines Day.

It may be an expense for the company but this gesture will be fantastic for customer loyalty.

Show your customers you love them

Perhaps you don?t have time to make an extra special effort this Valentines and like us, you believe a customer should be valued every day. If you are genuine, respectful, listen to your customers, offer an after sales service, communicate with your customers and are honest then you are well on your way to a long-term trusting relationship with your customer.

We wish you many successes for your future together.

Show your customers you love them

Happy Valentine?s Day from the team at Fruitful Marketing

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