Basingstoke based Fruitful Marketing? exhibit at Basingstoke B2B Expo 2019

Fruitful Marketing? were delighted to be part of the fantastic Basingstoke Business Expo 2019 on Thursday 28th March where we were blessed with lovely weather too! With 600 visitors registered and over 50 exhibitors, it was a perfect opportunity to engage and build relationships with a range of Hampshire and Berkshire businesses.

At the end of the Basingstoke Business Expo 2019, we were awarded the second best stand design (proof that size doesn?t always matter)! As exhibitors, we thoroughly enjoyed speaking to everyone and providing expert marketing advice wherever possible. It was a great opportunity to share and explain our unique three-stage methodology of Strategy > Implementation > Analysis to achieve overall success, and get everyone thinking about how they could increase their marketing return on investment even more!

We were particularly impressed by the range of businesses that attended, from start-ups, one person businesses through to SMEs with hundreds of employees, across a wide range of industries.

James Wright Delivers Keynote Presentation

James Wright delivered his thought-provoking keynote presentation ?Unlocking Your Marketing Potential: How to increase leads, sales and profits? to an extremely energetic and engaging audience, who certainly were ready to take action! It was encouraging to hear so many businesses wanting to make key changes to their marketing, engaging throughout and making many notes, ready to implement into their digital marketing strategy.

It has always been a passion of James? to provide businesses with expert marketing techniques to help them achieve their full potential, and so Fruitful Marketing? regularly hosts seminars and James speaks at events throughout the UK in order to do so.

The seminars and inspirational keynote speakers throughout the day provided all attendees with a huge amount of valuable information that they could take away and implement into their business. Not only was the event educational, but allowed for businesses to connect and expand their network.

As organisers, we were really impressed with the effort put in by the exhibitors and speakers at the Basingstoke Business Expo. Fruitful Marketing had put a lot of thought into representing their business on their stand, and the keynote given by James Wright was packed and the room buzzing throughout.” – Neal Purvey, Event Organiser for Basingstoke Business Expo.

Thank you to all the organisers of the Basingstoke Business Expo for making the event so brilliant and Gene Ashe Photography for capturing these fantastic shots at the Basingstoke B2B Business Expo!

Fruitful Marketing are now AdvantEdge Agency


AdvantEdge Combines The Strategic and Digital Marketing Skills of Fruitful Marketing with the Dynamic Design and Website Development of Caboodle Design. You can now tap into a bigger team and additional services. The New AdvantEdge Website is under development so for now please view Our Services And Case Studies which all still apply, as do contact details.