Before diving straight into the digital marketing world, it is imperative that you have a strategy in place. A common mistake we often see is companies ?doing marketing for the sake of it?. Whilst it may feel good to implement marketing, with 4000 new marketing messages coming our way every day, you don?t want to simply add to the noise or get lost amongst your competitors.

Having a strategy in place at the start of the process and clearly defining what it is you want to achieve, will help you to make an impression and stand out from those 4000 daily new marketing messages. In all aspects of your marketing it is important this feeds back into your goals, objectives and brand to achieve success – consistency is key and this can be difficult to achieve throughout an organisation.

At Fruitful Marketing, we apply the methodology of strategy ? implementation ? analysis to achieve success through digital marketing and other marketing channels. This is a constant process (hence the cycle) and what is so brilliant about digital marketing is the ability it gives you to track, measure and analyse in great detail all of your activities (analysis, the third element of the Fruitful Marketing methodology). What is working? What isn?t? We tend to see a lot of businesses jumping straight to the implementation stage without aligning or defining their marketing strategy first. How will you know what tools to use, publications to be involved with, content to write, events to attend, etc if you don?t clearly define and understand your target audience?

Once you have agreed your objectives you will be far better placed to understand what digital marketing techniques you should be using to reach out to your customers, targeting them appropriately. Knowing your target audience, what platforms they are engaging with online, their interests and the questions they are asking, will help you to effectively market your products or services to them. You will know which tools to use for which platform and the style you should be taking to make sure your customers are receiving your messages. This is all part of your marketing strategy.

It is vital that all team members are aware of your marketing strategy in order to keep your brand and messaging consistent across all customer touch points.

If time is something you are struggling with when it comes to developing a strategy, then speak to our marketing strategy consultant, James Wright, who is always eager to share the most effective methods in order for you to develop your strategy. Call now on 01256 806333 or email james.wright@fruitfulmarketing.co.uk.

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