Celebrating 4 years in business certainly feels like a big achievement and something I am extremely proud of! It was daunting yet so exciting launching my own business in May 2015, uncertain of what the future would hold and I am certainly delighted with everything that has been achieved to date. The past 4 years have taught me a lot, learning from both positive and negative (I haven?t spoken to another business owner who hasn?t had their fair share of these!) experiences which have helped me to shape and continuously develop Fruitful Marketing? to be the best it can be.

Our client base in May 2015 started from zero to now working with SMEs across Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey, Sussex and London! The range of businesses we get to meet and engage with is incredible, allowing us to learn and apply our Marketing to a range of different industries, the varying challenges are so interesting and exciting yet the marketing principals we apply throughout all achieve high levels of success.

Here are some of the successes Fruitful Marketing? have achieved over the past four years…

One Of The Top Three Marketing Agencies in Basingstoke, Hampshire

Fruitful Marketing? awarded top 3 Marketing Agency in Basingstoke, Hampshire

A major achievement for us in 2019 was being awarded as one of the top three marketing agencies in Basingstoke, Hampshire. Being recognised for our consistent, high-quality service is extremely meaningful to us so this award is a proud achievement, especially in such a competitive area. It is our priority to ensure we provide a new, fresh way of working and give local businesses the marketing they deserve to achieve success.

Fruitful Marketing? 5 Star Google Rating

This is supported by our 5 star status on Google, based on 22 reviews!

Shortlisted for Thames Valley Awards 2018 & 2019

James and Eve Shortlisted for Thames Valley Awards 2019

Myself (James Wright, Managing Director) and Eve Bushell, Marketing Coordinator were shortlisted for ‘Male Entrepreneur of the Year’ award (2nd year running) and ‘Apprentice of the Year’ award at the Thames Valley Awards 2019. Out of hundreds of entries, this was a fantastic achievement to be shortlisted and considered for these awards, which we are very grateful for!


Fruitful Marketing Old Logo
Fruitful Marketing Logo

At the beginning of Fruitful Marketing??s third year, we underwent a major rebrand that involved a new logo, strapline, website and services. The whole process was hugely rewarding as significant research, time and hard work went into making the outcome representative of our offerings and personality. Our website developer increased our digital capabilities with a new (our third major redevelopment in three years!), dynamic website that fitted the image of a modern marketing agency, whilst demonstrating the quality of work we offer. We continue to update and invest, resulting in us constantly receiving positive feedback on our website, which we are very pleased with…but let?s be honest a Digital Marketing agency with a poor website isn’t really an option if you are going to be a success is it ?

The rebrand also involved implementing high-quality video both for our website and social media, so prospects and clients get a feel for how we work, as well as our brand identity. It allows us to build stronger relationships and engage with our clients more effectively. With businesses who invest in video content growing revenue 49% faster than those who don?t, it is an important part of our marketing strategy.


The launch of our quarterly marketing insights seminars have been extremely popular and valuable to attendees. It is my passion to provide expert marketing advice to all businesses wherever I can, so Fruitful Marketing provide these free of charge seminars in order to educate about the latest marketing techniques that can be implemented into attendees businesses.

Fruitful Marketing Seminars

These seminars have led to many opportunities, as well as increased exposure in the marketing world. Since founding Fruitful Marketing?, I have developed my confidence in speaking in front of larger and larger audiences of people. This has certainly helped boost our brand and my profile as an expert and industry leader within the area of Digital Marketing. It has been extremely encouraging receiving so much positive feedback on our seminars, with all attendees learning something new and finding them beneficial each time (we know this as we ask the question and every attendee completes a feedback form!). Our seminars?are a great opportunity for businesses, whatever the size, to increase their marketing confidence whilst interacting with other like-minded businesses.


As a result of our seminars, I am regularly approached to speak to a wider audience at other events.

A highlight in 2019 was at the Basingstoke Business Expo, where I was asked to be one of just three keynote speakers, delivering a thought-provoking presentation about ?Unlocking Your Marketing Potential: How to increase leads, sales and profits? to a packed room of Expo visitors. The audience were extremely energetic and wanted to take action by making key changes to their marketing, which was so motivating and rewarding to see (I regret to this day not recording the moment everyone in the audience produced a deafening ?I am ready to Unlock my Marketing Potential? at the end!). This was an excellent opportunity, particularly as it led to a lot of engagement and enquiries at our stand from visitors afterwards.

James Wright Keynote Speaker at Basingstoke B2B Expo 2019

I am regularly approached to speak at networking events around the local area, including some very prestigious closed groups and popular lunches with over 50 attendees. Do email me at if you have a speaking opportunity at your business, a group, seminar or exhibition, I would love to hear from you.

It is very rewarding to see attendees taking notes and then taking action as a result. I personally feel attending networking events is an excellent chance to build relationships and expose your business further, in addition to increasing your business knowledge.

Launch of our Fruitful Family Board

Fruitful Marketing Family Board

Our Fruitful Family Board was launched, with the aim of providing excellent marketing advice for those who do not currently have the budget to engage with our full services. We run half-day interactive workshops, giving attendees the perfect opportunity to gain valuable insights that increase their marketing ROI (return on investment). These half-day sessions allow attendees to engage with other members, raise marketing questions and issues to the team and leave with clear commitments, objectives and tasks for the months ahead.

The future for Fruitful Marketing? as we enter year five

This is just the start of Fruitful Marketing? and what we have to offer! As we enter year five, it promises to be the most exciting yet!

Webinars, Seminars and More Speaking

James Wright Speaking at Menzies Business Lunch

I am excited to announce that on top of our quarterly seminars, we are hosting educational webinars, allowing more people to benefit from the undeniably valuable and insightful marketing insights implement some of the latest techniques into their business. These webinars are held frequently and can be a more convenient and environmentally friendly way of attending.

Inbound Marketing and Automation

Fruitful Marketing specialise in Inbound Marketing & Automation

At Fruitful Marketing we specialise in the specific Digital Marketing areas of Inbound Marketing and Automation. With 5G and AI (Artificial Intelligence) evolving so significantly, the opportunities available to businesses are incredible. We are at the forefront of these areas and always learning the newest and best methods to apply on behalf of our clients. Watch this space, the Fruitful blog and our events page as we have so much to share!

Training Events

Fruitful Marketing conducting a training session

Fruitful Marketing? have several strong, strategic partnerships with marketing agencies and specialists who we trust and respect. We are excited to team up with Moxie Business Marketing and Leapfrog Internet Marketing to run full-day training sessions later this year, further details are below:

Fruitful & Moxie on Tour: Secrets to Digital Marketing Success
How to Win more Business Locally (Fruitful Marketing & Leapfrog)

James Wright, published author

I am enjoying writing my first book ?strategies for success? and look forward to publishing later in the year! To be informed of it’s launch, please do follow our social media channels on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, I will certainly mark the occasion with an exciting launch!

What has been achieved over the past 4 years has demonstrated the passion and hard work gone into growing Fruitful Marketing and therefore how much excitement there is yet to come. We look forward to the future and what?s in store ahead during year 5!

Fruitful Marketing are now AdvantEdge Agency


AdvantEdge Combines The Strategic and Digital Marketing Skills of Fruitful Marketing with the Dynamic Design and Website Development of Caboodle Design. You can now tap into a bigger team and additional services. The New AdvantEdge Website is under development so for now please view Our Services And Case Studies which all still apply, as do contact details.