Is email marketing dead? We have heard this question a lot post GDPR but our response is always no. Amongst all of the GDPR chaos and confusion, we emphasise that it is very much still alive!

Let us explain why…good email campaigns are now becoming far more targeted, distributing content relevant to what recipients want to see. We are moving away from the generic scattergun marketing approach whereby you want to reach as many people as possible with as much information as possible. Recipients dislike receiving meaningless emails, so giving them something of value will encourage them to contact you or visit your website for further information.

Email marketing carried out well allows you to segment your customers, making it easier for you to create and distribute content based on their needs, questions or concerns. Providing them with valuable information will significantly drop the level of unsubscriptions and begin answering questions they have. Similar to those 4000 new marketing messages in front of us every day, you don?t want your email campaigns to get lost amongst all this noise. Grab the attention of your customers and give them content of value. By segmenting your customers, this provides you with an even stronger database whereby you understand different factors relating to customers. This may be demographics such as age, location, gender and interests of your customers, or if B2B, the size, location or turnover of business prospects. Again, being this specific allows you to develop content of interest to them and their characteristics.

Personalising your campaigns by including details, such as their name, is another simple way of capturing your prospects? attention and research shows it increases open rates and engagement.

Don?t forget to include clear calls-to-action with your emails as ultimately you want your customers to contact you from reading and by engaging with these campaigns. Customers will be more likely to click through to your website if you give them a reason to and therefore progress through your sales funnel. Calls-to-action can include anything from a contact us button, a phone number, an email address or a read more button. ??

Having sent your campaign the data available is very impressive. You can see who has opened your campaigns, clicked on any links within them and who has accessed your website via these campaigns. Going back to our continuous methodology of strategy ? implementation ? analysis, you can see which email campaigns are performing and why, or how many people are being driven to your website and why? You can discover ways to increase the number of people entering your website through your campaigns. Based on the recipient’s actions, you can set up an email automation alerting you or entering them into a series of emails (more information is available in our email automation blog).

So, remember email marketing is not dead but make sure you are targeting all of your campaigns by segmenting your contacts into specific categories relevant to their needs and wants. That way people won?t complain about unwanted messages, the level of unsubscriptions should decrease, whilst importantly increasing your success.

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