Do you often strive for more time in your day?

Well, now you can create more time in your day by using email automation. Email automation is a powerful digital marketing opportunity for businesses to seize and take full advantage of. These automations allow you to distribute content automatically, removing an otherwise manual task that would consume a large amount of time.

Email automation enables you to push your customers along the sales process via an easy to manage flowchart system, feeding them with useful content and information, answering questions or pain points they may have and creating opportunities for engagement. This means increased productivity without you having to do anything manually, once set up! As soon as a customer is entered into an automation, the system does the work for you, nurturing your leads into stronger sales opportunities. With the average sales journey now involving 13 to 17 touch points, removing manual processes wherever possible for some of these touch points is a far more productive way of working and can begin influencing your customers quicker.

What other benefits come from email automation?

Email automation also allows your business to be consistent, accurate and reliable, reducing stress and creating more time to complete other more important tasks. Consistently getting your messages in front of your customers will increase brand awareness, develop trust and increase the likelihood of your prospects purchasing from you in the future, as they begin familiarising with your business.

When to use email automation?

Automation is another great way to distribute a variety of content specific and relevant to your customers? requirements. As soon as you have created this content and designed an automation, you can sit back and watch it unfold. This is extremely beneficial from a sales perspective, as you can begin to see which campaigns your customers have engaged with and so who will be more likely to have an interest in what your business offers. It will, therefore, be easier to know which customers are potentially in buying mode and so are ready to be contacted.

Similarly, automation enables alerts based on your email recipient?s behaviour. As an example, if a lead clicks on a link within your email, an alert can automatically be sent through to your sales team with their details, indicating to follow them up as a potential customer. This saves time for your sales team as it identifies those who are more likely to be a buying customer and so will prevent wasting time on dead-end prospects.

There are many high quality, low-cost systems available to begin utilising the benefits email automation technology has to offer. Please give us a call on 01256 806333 or email and we can happily advise on the best solution for your business, to give you more time in your day and create stronger prospects.

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