CRM (customer relationship management) systems give companies the ability to better manage relationships with customers, by having all valuable information in one place. This allows a clearer understanding of existing and potential customers by maintaining a central base for data which usually include details, such as leads, deals, contact information and emails with customers. Consistency is therefore ensured and customer communication improved. Not only this, CRM systems enable you to improve on team management, as you can analyse individual sales team performance, for instance breaking down their conversion and sales success rates.

In February 2018, we were awarded with the CRM implementation project for Ascot Timber. Ascot Timber are one of the UK?s leading timber suppliers, manufacturing various timber buildings including fully bespoke garages, stables, timber framed houses and carports amongst their portfolio. Our task was to source the best CRM solution, implement and integrate all current customer data, train employees and provide ongoing system support.

5 different stages were established to provide a tailored solution for Ascot Timber?s CRM implementation:

Stage 1 (understanding): Fruitful Marketing worked with the Ascot Timber team to fully understand the current processes and customer journeys.

Stage 2 (sourcing): We created a full brief, research and investigated all of the leading, most popular and highest reviewed CRM providers. Using dummy replicated data we trialled versions and used systems as the client to find the best overall match for their requirements.

Stage 3 (implementation): Then, we created bespoke sales pipelines, customised the fields, setting, and reports to match the client?s requirements. All of the current client data were integrated and connected users mailbox accounts for a consistent flow of information.

Stage 4 (delivery): Group followed by individual training was delivered on the client?s premises to ensure all the team were fully versed in the CRM system and could use it immediately and seamlessly.

Stage 5 (review and support): We provided ongoing support for the client as they gained confidence and experience with the new CRM system. A formal review one month after the delivery allowed for further system personalisation to maximise the effectiveness.

As a result, Ascot Timber are keen users of their new CRM system and have fully embraced the change. The CRM system gives Ascot Timber a central base for customer records, meaning all employees can see past communications and quotations, perfect for the customer if their account manager is engaged or absent. The pipelines ensure consistency during the sales process and with automated reminders, customer communication has greatly improved.

The enhanced reporting provides greater insights into the customer experience and journey, allowing Ascot Timber to forecast at any time, analyse and constantly improve processes using accurate data. This is extremely useful for management, who can monitor and review the sales team performance, as well as setting realistic, achievable targets.

?Outsourcing this project to Fruitful Marketing was an excellent decision due to their experience that we would recommend to anyone in our position. We are experiencing many fantastic results from the CRM system including improved productivity, visibility, customers sales journey, consistent communication and reporting.?Richard Parker, Managing Director, Ascot Timber

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