Q. Why did you choose Fruitful Marketing for your internship for your internship programme?
I was doing research for some work experience I could gain in the marketing profession, as it is something I may be interested in, and came across Fruitful Marketing’s website. I noticed that they were a small business which I thought would be a good opportunity for me as potentially I would get experience focusing wholly on marketing and not get lumped into doing other things. I particularly liked the idea of a small business as it is more personal and I could see that Fruitful are hardworking and committed to their clients.

Q. What are your expectations from the internship?
My main expectations from this internship are to broaden my knowledge of the marketing industry by learning from James who is extremely experienced and hopefully applying these skills in the future. This experience will help me more with my decisions for work in the future as I gain a better understanding of marketing and am involved in lots of different roles.

Q. What are you studying at university?
I currently study psychology at the University of Sussex. I love it as I am interested in people’s behaviours and the effects they have as well as seeing the links between psychology and business in terms of consumer buying and also relationships between businesses.

Q. What projects will you be involved in during the internship?
Firstly, I have been working towards helping the rebrand of Fruitful and so this will involve the development of the new website in which I began researching other marketing companies and how their websites are designed. This will help with the design of the website and aspects such as the message Fruitful wishes to convey. I will also be involved in Google Analytics and I believe this ties in well with my degree as it is about understanding people’s activities and why they go on the websites that they do which can help to provide visits for Fruitful’s websites, social media accounts etc. Another thing I will be involved in is reviewing the Fruitful newsletter by refreshing it and sending out the next version, helping with updating social media by keeping posts regular and also starting vlogs (video blogs) for Fruitful Marketing.

Q. What is your favourite fruit?
I would say strawberries are my favourite fruit because they are bright, juicy, have lots of flavour and you can combine them with other foods such as chocolate if you fancy something a bit different and have a sweet tooth like me!

Q. Will you be looking to interact with any of the Fruitful Marketing clients?
On my first day I actually met Andy Martin from Candy Tours and am hoping to interact with more clients, as I think this will give me a good opportunity to see how fruitful works with clients directly and the ways marketing works outside the Fruitful office. It will also help me to get a better understanding of the different relationships.

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