We naturally follow the lead of credible, trusted, experts throughout life, as a psychological principle within most of us. As this applies in business it creates a significant opportunity to generate inbound enquiries through our online and offline activity.

Here are five ways you can implement the psychological principle of ‘Authority’ within your own business to establish your personal and business brand as an authority within your sector:

  1. Showing large clients & projects – Displaying recognisable logos of clients and examples of successful projects is a brilliant way of presenting your business as an authority, creating trust and demonstrating credibility.
  2. Review your company About Us page – In B2B sectors, the ‘About Us’ page is usually one of the most popular (look at your Google Analytics report to verify this). It is a key area to create authority regarding you and the founders of your company.
  3. Speaking Opportunities – This is a brilliant opportunity whether at local networking groups, events, seminars as a keynote or on a panel nationally and internationally. Online ‘vlogging’ using social media platforms is a low cost but powerful way of establishing yourself as an authority.
  4. Boast about your successes – This may feel very un-British but there is no place for modesty online… Talk about your successes and why you are an expert.
  5. Transferring a call – Before transferring any calls, ensure your team says something positive about their colleague and why they will be a good fit. A real estate company in America implemented this to great effect, achieving a significant increase in sales directly as a result.

If you implement all five of these techniques into your business, your personal and business brand will strengthen significantly. Many businesses are not utilising all opportunities, commonly due to a fear of public speak or ‘imposter syndrome’. If this is something holding you back, it is not uncommon. If you can overcome this it will certainly raise your profile versus others, helping you stand out from the crowd.

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