Marketing can be a difficult, scary or expensive (good marketing will always be an investment, not an expense but that is for another article!) thought…but it doesn’t have to be. With these 5 FREE quick marketing wins, you can quickly implement some of these techniques into your business and start seeing the positive effect within days!

1st Free Quick Marketing Win – Google My Business

This is the first fantastic FREE quick win! This is the top local business listing platform, owned by Google.

When people are searching on Google, it is likely that they are doing so within their region or where they are based locally, and so it is important that your business is visible particularly if you are relying on this.

However, being visible is one thing but looking attractive and appealing to your prospects is another. This is where Google My Business comes into play. It allows you to display useful information, such as your contact details, opening and closing times, a bit more about you, photos and exactly where you are located with a map.

Customers are also able to leave reviews on Google My Business that other prospects will see. 85% of customers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation, so it is essential that you are asking your customers to leave you these reviews, thereby influencing your potential customers’ buying decisions. Your reviews will show up as stars out of 5, which will also be displayed on the high visibility panel at the top of the page. If your business doesn’t have these stars next to your name, yet your competitors do, it is likely that your potential customers will click on their website or contact them instead!

This tool is excellent as it provides you with customer insights, such as the amount of views and interactions your page, posts and photos are getting as well as the amount of followers. This is great for measuring who your potential customers may be and therefore who you should be looking to make contact with.

A recent update now allows you to display a 30-second clip with your Google my Business account, completely free of charge… so what are you waiting for? Do it!

2nd Free Quick Marketing Win – Subscribers.com

This quick win is an excellent way to grow your website traffic with push notifications for web and mobile!

When prospects click on your website, they will get a pop-up in the top left-hand corner asking to allow or block notifications from you. If they press allow, you can feed them content every so often to re-engage them and drive them back to your website, through push notifications. Content can be special offers, blogs, any events you are holding or anything else you want to share, to influence the amount of click-throughs to your website.

This is a quick and easy way to communicate with your previous website visitors, fully GDPR compliant and without having to bombard them with emails full of lengthy information. Even if your customers aren’t online when you send the notification, they will receive it once they are back online so that nothing is missed!

3rd Free Quick Marketing Win – Leadfeeder

Another fantastic tool that gives you insights into who your potential customers may be. Leadfeeder tracks your website visitors (using their IP addresses) and tells you exactly what company has visited your website, what pages they have been on, how long they have spent on those pages and how they found you.

This information can be extremely valuable, as it gives you an idea of your warm leads i.e. people who ready to buy and therefore who you should be contacting to follow-up as an average of 98% of website visitors will leave without ever making contact. This is a great way for your sales team to keep on top of your leads, gain their contact information and even connect with the relevant employees via LinkedIn. You can begin contacting them before your competitors are even aware they exist!

4th Free Quick Marketing Win – MozBar

You might have already heard of Moz.com and MozBar is another great FREE tool that allows you to compare and view the DA (Domain Authority) of your business compared to your competitors, which can be critical information.

Domain Authority is one of the main factors that will determine how well your website will rank on search engines, whether this Google, Bing etc. and it consists of 40 ranking signals, for example, the number and quality of links pointing back to your website. Therefore, the higher the Domain Authority of a website, the higher it is likely to be ranked on a search engine, increasing the chance of it being clicked on by prospects. By having this type of information about yourself and your competitors, you can begin understanding what areas you need to improve on and which of your competitors are appearing higher on search engines.

5th Free Quick Marketing Win – Think With Google

The final FREE quick marketing win is Think With Google. This checks the speed of your website for both desktop and mobile users within minutes. Not only this, it comes with a detailed report of what to do next if the results aren’t as positive as you had liked.

Site speed is an extremely important element in influencing whether a potential customer will buy from you or not. If they are having to wait several seconds for your website to load, then they are likely to close this down straight away and try one of your competitors. It is essential that your customers? experience is made as easy as possible as this is a reflection on the services you are offering.

Up to 70% of website traffic now comes from mobile (use the free tool Google Analytics to check the percentage of desktop, mobile and tablet visitors to your website), so it is important that your website has also been optimised for mobile use i.e. the speed is good, as this is the technology your customers are likely to be using when searching for you.

You now have 5 free quick marketing wins!

So, those are Fruitful Marketing’s 5 quick FREE marketing wins that can be set up in next to no time! We encourage you to implement all of these techniques, as they can be extremely beneficial in generating leads, keeping in front of otherwise lost website visitors and maximising your digital marketing success.

If you have any questions regarding these quick wins then please call 01256 806333 or email info@fruitfulmarketing.co.uk and we will gladly help you further.

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