On Wednesday 15th May 2018, James Wright was invited to speak at the #AskTheExperts seminar on the topic ?growing your brand?, hosted at Nucleus IP, St Pauls London. He was invited to speak by event organiser and fellow speaker, Bella Rareworld. As a specialist in strategic marketing, James used this opportunity to deliver expert advice regarding ?how to measure your brand online? to the audience.

The key learning outcomes for the seminar involved:

  • Learning how to develop your brand to attract prospects and retain clients
  • Creating a solid long-lasting profitable brand strategy
  • How to identify your brand values
  • How to effectively measure and track your brand
  • Increase brand awareness in the networking rooms
  • A-Z to protect your brand in the UK and outside the UK

James provided attendees with six effective methods to measure their brand online from Fruitful Marketing?s? experiences and latest technologies. The seminar was extremely successful and a great way for James to share his online branding expertise to a range of businesses. Attendees found the seminar beneficial as they could go away and implement such methods into their business.

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEJngLLiDFU&t=29s

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