On 14th March, after much hard work and planning Fruitful Marketing? and Eight Wealth Management launched the Alton Business Platform in which, to our delight, there were 28 attendees!

The aim of this biannual event is for local businesses in Alton to meet and expand their network, but also as a community, see if we can work together to support each other to grow and develop. It is important to us that smaller communities such as Alton, receive support for operating businesses to help them increase their success. Our drive is to get as many local businesses engaging and creating synergy with each other in order to achieve this.

James Wright Fruitful Marketing

James Wright Fruitful Marketing

Our first event was extremely successful, with a huge amount of positive feedback being received. All attendees felt they benefited from the event and would return to the next one, which we are undeniably pleased about! It was encouraging seeing a range of local businesses and industries engaging and networking with each other, with future meetings being arranged throughout the night.

Simon James 'How To Gain An Advantage'

Simon James ‘How To Gain An Advantage’

Stuart Brown from Eight Wealth Management gave a brief presentation about their financial services, followed by James Wright (founder of Fruitful Marketing?) regarding our three-stage methodology of Strategy > Implementation > Analysis to achieve overall success. Simon James was the guest speaker, delivering an inspiring presentation ?How To Gain Advantage?, focusing on creating the winning mindset of an athlete in the business environment. It was extremely engaging and got the attendees thinking! ??

Anne More Plan B Catering

Anne More Plan B Catering

A big thank you to Anne Moore, owner of Plan B Catering in Alton, who provided some delicious and wonderfully presented food for our attendees!

The next Alton Business Platform is Thursday 3rd October, 6pm-8pm so please register your place for FREE https://bit.ly/2HWr2Xw! We?d love to have an even larger range of local businesses attending to increase the support and success within the Alton community.

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