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Understanding Requirements, Delivering Excellence

Fruitful Marketing fixes the current marketing agency model that we believe is extremely hindered…

Clients being charged by the minute, anything out of normal scope being charged for, technical terms thrown in to confuse clients, data picked from reports to always be positive, a mentality of taking the easiest and most profitable routes. Managing Director, James Wright, saw this again and again in his 10 years as a marketing manager for some of Europe’s leading companies.

He decided enough was enough! James set up Fruitful MarketingⓇ Ltd in 2015, to challenge the norm he had experience and that had left him so disappointed. Fruitful MarketingⓇ Ltd are at the forefront of digital marketing and marketing strategy and were independently accredited as one of the Top 3 Marketing Agencies in the competitive area of Basingstoke. This is support by our 5-star marketing agency rating on Google.

What makes us different?

– We apply a unique, three-stage process of continuous improvement to achieve maximum ongoing success for our clients:
Strategy  |  Implementation  |  Analysis

– Work alongside one of the top three marketing agencies in the highly competitive Basingstoke Deane area, as independently accredited in 2019.

– We provide a full 5-star service (as rated on Google), achieved through unbeatable service and results.

– We provide a new way of working with a fresh, open-minded marketing outlook where we never sit still and continuously improve.

  • "As the company continues to grow I can personally guarantee it will always remain true to its core values and honest, ethical practices, listening to our clients to ensure we are Understanding Requirements and always Delivering Excellence"

    James Wright
    James Wright Managing Director - Fruitful Marketing Ltd

What is Fruitful Marketing?

What to expect

At Fruitful MarketingⓇ ‘your success is our success’. To ensure you reach your goals through exceptional marketing we engage entirely with your business, challenge your current methods and continuously educate and recommend to you the latest marketing opportunities.

We always deliver on time, putting our hearts into everything we do and finding a resolution to even the most complex of issues. With a wide range of trusted specialists amongst our portfolio, “No” is never in our vocabulary.

  • "Fruitful Marketing embrace every challenge, deliver on time and far exceed our expectations"

    Andy Reade
    Andy Reade CEO – Reade Signs

What Next?

The Fruitful Vision

Fruitful MarketingⓇ Ltd are at the forefront of digital marketing and marketing strategy and were independently accredited as one of the Top 3 Marketing Agencies 2019 in the competitive area of Basingstoke, supported by our 5-star marketing agency rating on Google. Our vision is to become of the top marketing agencies in the South of England.

Meet James

Enthusiastic, Honest and Dedicated to your Business

Clients love working with Fruitful Marketing® founder, James Wright, as they respect his enthusiasm, honesty and dedication to their business. As a strategic, knowledgeable marketing consultant he continually brings success to clients, putting their interests first, whilst fully understanding their requirements as a fellow business owner. James is a respected marketing practitioner, shortlisted for Thames Valley Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 and 2019, a keynote speaker and forthcoming author of his first book ‘Strategies for Success’ due to be published in 2019. James has been nicknamed ‘The Postman’ by several of his clients, as he always delivers!

James set up his first business at just 13 whilst attending secondary school, selling sweets, chocolate bars and doughnuts before, during breaks, lunch and after school, undercutting the school tuck shop! Making a strong daily profit, this expanded into computer games and consoles and resulted in a healthy ISA account. The buzz of entrepreneurialism was born and is as strong today as it was for that young, brazen teenager.

Throughout his previous marketing career, James had a track record of success, being fundamental in winning multi-million-pound contracts with Waitrose, Biffa and John Lewis. Alongside working as a strategic marketing consultant for Fruitful Marketing®, James is a respected voice in the marketing world. He is often delivering thought-provoking marketing seminars and workshops to share the latest insights and expertise to help businesses increase leads, sales and marketing confidence.

James Wright Charicature
  • "James brings new ideas to the table, a different approach, honest opinions and lots of experience"

    Trine Oestergaard
    Trine Oestergaard MD – House of Fisher Ltd

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Understanding Requirements, Delivering Excellence


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