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Understanding Requirements, Delivering Excellence

Having worked in senior marketing positions at Europe’s largest steel storage manufacturer, Europe’s largest art materials supplier and a leading safety and corporate work wear provider, our founder James Wright worked alongside numerous marketing agencies that had a recurring theme.  After an impressive pitch and initial excitement, the support would quickly change as our account often became managed by a junior. These agencies did not receive renewals at the end of their contracts, as they were never results orientated (despite claiming to be) and were seen as an expense rather than an investment. As a result, James saw a gap in the market and Fruitful Marketing Ltd® was launched in May 2015, with a focus on understanding customer requirements and delivering excellence in both customer service and results.

What makes us different?

– Work alongside James Wright, a leading strategic marketing consultant and forthcoming author of ‘Strategies for Success’, providing your business with a fresh, open-minded marketing outlook that most importantly will deliver success

– We create tailored, expert marketing strategies resulting in highly desirable brands where all customer touch points portray the company’s exceptional offerings

– We provide a 5-star service (as rated on Google), achieved through unbeatable service and results

– Continuous one-to-one support and mentoring. James is trustworthy and passionate about continuously delivering the best for his clients

  • "As the company continues to grow I can personally guarantee it will always remain true to its core values and honest, ethical practices, listening to our clients to ensure we are Understanding Requirements and always Delivering Excellence"

    James Wright
    James Wright Managing Director - Fruitful Marketing Ltd

What is Fruitful Marketing?

What to expect

Fruitful consists of a small, enthusiastic and fresh marketing team, who are committed to going over and above to exceed the expectations of our clients. Benefit from having an expert marketing consultant working on your behalf to devise a strategy and oversee business in the areas of branding, CRM consulting & implementation, lead generation and managing projects & partnerships.

Whether you are looking to fully outsource your marketing or work on a one-off project, James delivers tailored solutions with a personal service to fit your exact requirements. With continuous, dedicated support from James, we work with you to ensure you achieve excellence throughout your business.

Stage 1 – Understanding Requirements

James appreciates the importance of fully understanding and listening to clients’ business requirements. James goes in with no preconceived ideas but with an open mind so he can truly grasp what is required and the objectives.

Stage 2 – Delivering Excellence

James delivers tailored, focused marketing solutions, fitting clients’ exact needs to achieve their business goals and objectives. James then works closely with clients, driving their marketing forward to ensure they achieve excellence as a result.

  • "Fruitful Marketing embrace every challenge, deliver on time and far exceed our expectations"

    Andy Reade
    Andy Reade CEO – Reade Signs

What Next?

The Fruitful Vision

Meet James

Enthusiastic, Honest and Dedicated to your Business

Clients love working with MD, James Wright, as they respect his enthusiasm, honesty and dedication to their business. As a strategic, knowledgeable marketing consultant he continually brings success to clients, putting their interests first whilst fully understanding their requirements as a fellow business owner. James has a true passion for marketing and emphasises the importance of implementing it into all businesses to increase enquiries, sales and profits. Businesses don’t always get enough credit for their hard work, so James exceeds to make sure his clients get the recognition they deserve.

James set up his first business at just 13 whilst attending secondary school, selling sweets, chocolate bars and doughnuts before, during breaks, lunch and after school, undercutting the school tuck shop! Making a strong daily profit, this expanded into computer games and consoles and resulted in a healthy ISA account. The buzz of entrepreneurialism was born and is as strong today as it was for that young, brazen teenager.

As well as running our growing marketing agency along with our expanding list of clients, James is a respected voice in the marketing world. He is often delivering educational marketing lectures and works closely with both colleges and universities to inspire and help the next generation of ‘marketeers’.

James Wright Charicature
  • "James brings new ideas to the table, a different approach, honest opinions and lots of experience"

    Trine Oestergaard
    Trine Oestergaard MD – House of Fisher Ltd

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Understanding Requirements, Delivering Excellence


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